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Baker Lake

When travelers can’t wait to leave their daily routines behind and focus on vacation fun for a while instead, there’s no better place to set their sights than scenic Sun Valley, Idaho. Here, outdoor adventure abounds and if you happen to be someone with a passion for hitting the hiking trails, the route to beautiful Baker Lake is one you won’t want to miss.

A Scenic and Exciting Local Destination

When you make your way to Baker Lake, you’ll enjoy a local destination that’s charming and breathtaking in equal measure. This alpine lake is tucked away behind peaks and the road to reaching the water is just as appealing as the location itself. When you think of a quintessential alpine lake, there’s a good chance a place like Baker Lake is what comes to mind. The hike to the shoreline is moderately difficult, making it a great option for individual hikers or families too. Once you arrive, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to linger a while and enjoy your gorgeous surroundings and opportunities to view local wildlife.

Getting to the Lake

The trail that leads to Baker Lake is 3.6 miles long and enjoys an elevation gain of a gentle 872 feet. It’s an out-and-back route with a trailhead near Ketchum that you’ll want to set aside around two hours to complete in total. It’s a popular trail among hikers but it’s just as inviting for those who are enthusiastic about birding. If you head to the lake in the early morning hours, you’ll enjoy a refreshing sense of solitude and tranquility before afternoon trekkers arrive. The trail is ideal between the months of July and September and those traveling with a canine companion are more than welcome to have their dogs enjoy time at the lake as well as long as they remain leashed at all times.

What You’ll See Along the Way to Baker Lake

Both on the trail leading to the water and at the lake itself, adventurers will be treated to lush vegetation and hillsides that connect with sprawling open meadows. In the spring, this area is packed with colorful wildflowers while fall is a fantastic time to enjoy the changing color of the leaves. The lake is open for swimming if your hike has you looking to cool off. It’s also a popular place to fish as Baker Lake Idaho is regularly stocked with trout.

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